CBD for Pets and How to Give Tincture to Your Pet

We understand that the health and happiness of your pet are important. Many of us at Infusiasm are pet owners too! Read on to learn why you should choose CBD Pet Tincture for your pet. We also give recommendations on doses and how to administer the tincture to your pet.

What’s in CBD Pet Tincture?

CBD is a cannabinoid that helps pets and humans. It is not psychoactive like the well-known cannabinoid THC. When administered properly, CBD Pet Tinctures can be helpful for your furry friends and will not get your pet “stoned.”

The other cannabinoid in CBD Pet Tincture is a very low level of THC. Each 1 oz bottle only has 1 mg of THC. At a full 1 mL dropper that’s only .03 mg of THC. After careful research into pets and THC, the journal Topics in Companion Animal Medicine states that, “The minimum lethal oral dose for dogs for THC is more than 3g/kg.” That’s over 3000 mg THC per 2 lbs of animal! So you’ve got nothing to worry about with .03 mg of THC in one serving. Just keep your eye out for any potential allergic reactions.

One of the other ingredients in CBD Pet Tinctures is coconut-derived MCT oil. MCTs are medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides that help with enhancing immune support, renewing the look of beautiful fur and skin, and promoting mental clarity.

Why Choose CBD Pet Tincture?

Just like human beings, all mammals have cannabinoid receptors throughout their body that comprise the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is primarily responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or a stable equilibrium between the body’s many physiological processes.

CBD Pet Tinctures, with its nutritive ingredients, work through this existing network to:

  • Rejuvenate your pet
  • Helps your pet remain heart-centered and calm
  • Provide tension support
  • Alleviates temporary discomfort
  • Helps with appetite support

Importantly, CBD products for pets that are sold in dispensaries have to undergo rigorous testing. Because they are tested by a third-party laboratory, they have the most accurate ingredients and amounts as reflected on the labels.

CBD Pet Tinctures are not only third-party analytically tested, they also have nutritive ingredients and come in salmon, bacon, and chicken natural flavors. Each bottle comes with 50mg CBD to 1mg THC derived from whole-plant cannabis, and a measured dropper for accurate dosing.

How to Give Your Pet Tincture

Follow the easy dosing instructions included on the label and apply under your pets’ tongue or directly onto your pets’ favorite meal. Always consult your veterinarian first before giving your pet CBD Pet Tinctures, especially if your pet is on other medications, or is undergoing or recovering from a medical procedure.

When determining how much CBD Pet Tincture to give to your pet, consider their size and weight. In general, start low, go slow and repeat after 4-6 hours up to the daily recommended dose and monitor their behavior. If you notice any negative side effects, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately. After 10-14 days, their dosage level can be increased gradually based on your pet’s tolerance. Keep at room temperature, do not refrigerate.

Here are recommended doses for dogs and cats:


(up to a maximum of 2 times per day)
4-8 lbs – 0.25 mL
8-12 lbs – 0.50 mL
12+ lbs – 0.75 mL


(up to a maximum of 3 times per day)
up to 25 lbs – 0.25 mL
25-75 lbs – 0.50 mL
75+ lbs – 1.00 mL

Find CBD Pet Tincture at a dispensary near you, or if you want to feature CBD Pet Tincture in your shop, contact us.

Infusiasm makes no claims regarding the health or medical benefits of cannabis in general, or this product in particular. Individual results may vary.

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