CBD Pet Tincture

Man and woman kicking a soccer ball as a goldendoodle dog chases the ball in a park near downtown Denver, Colorado.

At Infusiasm, we understand that the health and happiness of your pet is paramount. Developed with your furry friends in mind, Infusiasm CBD Pet Tincture is designed so your pets can enjoy the numerous reported beneficial properties of cannabis. 

Three bottles of CBD pet tincture-  one of each flavor; bacon, salmon, and chicken


  • 50mg CBD : 1mg THC
  • Available in delicious salmon, chicken & bacon flavors.
  • Can be added to your pet’s favorite food or treats, or given orally.
  • Serving size varies based on animal weight. See label for dosing instructions.
  • Made with 100% MCT oil
  • Laboratory tested


  • May help with pain-relief
  • Promote general well-being for both canines and felines alike
  • May support healthy joints and skin
  • Diminish everyday stress

12 units per case

Ingredients: Made with 100% MCT Oil
(from Coconut), Cannabis Extract,
Marijuana Extract

Dosing instructions for CBD Pet Tincture.

Infusiasm makes no claims regarding the health and medical benefits of cannabis.