From our lab to your dab

#HASH concentrates are premium broad-spectrum, uncut, terpene-rich connoisseur grade extracts. Our highly trained extraction technicians employ good manufacturing practices paired with cutting edge technology to deliver the cleanest and most flavorful wax, shatter, and live resin on the market.


  • All extracts undergo advanced color remediation and filtration process that removes many plant pigments (eg. chlorophyll), as well as primary and secondary oxidation components.
  • #HASH extracts are labeled according to consistency, depending on the strain, age of the material, extraction method, and solvent removal method.
  • Consumers may prefer certain consistencies depending on their method of consumption.


The #WAX line contains the greatest variation in consistency and color ranging from bronze, orange, red, and yellow. Varieties include BUDDER, CRUMBLE, and SUGAR. All made from in-house strains, occasionally mixed together to create unique blends.

  • This small-batch production uses low temperatures and proprietary solvent-removal equipment in order to preserve terpene content. The result is a damp, brown sugar consistency for a tasty, potent dab.
  • Multiple methods are used to create this consistency. Using medium heat and agitation to rapidly purge solvent, the result is a final crumble consistency for a delicious and potent dab.
  • We use industry-leading equipment and gentle agitation at low temperatures to create a soft and creamy budder while preserving terpene content, making for a savory and potent dab.

12 units per case


Produced using freshly harvested cannabis flower and cutting edge technology. Immediately post-harvest, the flower is cryo frozen to preserve fresh terpene content.  Prior to extraction, we remove any water from the flower using proprietary techniques. The extraction and solvent removal processes are carried out at low temperatures to ensure all possible terpenes remain intact producing a concentrate as close to the living plant as possible. Available in crumble, budder or sugar consistencies.

12 units per case


Produced from freshly dried and cured cannabis flower, our process uses low heat and deep vacuum to slowly remove any residual solvent – providing a flawless glass-like concentrate. Available in two consistencies; #BRITTLE and #PULL N’ SNAP

12 units per case