Magnitude Quick Start Guide

Orange magnitude logo with seismograph lines on a white background

How to use the Magnitude All-In-One Vaporizer:

  • Every Magnitude device is ready the moment you take it out of the package.
  • In the event the device does not draw properly on the first hit, do not draw harder. Instead, draw lightly, taking 2 – 3 puffs until the device begins producing vapor. It should now be warm enough to operate normally.
  • If the device is left unused for long periods of time you may need to repeat these steps to resume normal operation.

How to charge the Magnitude All-In-One Vaporizer:

  • Magnitude All-In-One Vaporizers feature a USB-C port for fast recharging.
  • Many common phone chargers will recharge these devices. Computer chargers and computer USB-C ports will not work with Magnitude devices.
  • When the device’s battery is full, the indicator light on the bottom of the device will be off. When the device’s battery is low, and when charging, the light will turn on. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will turn back off.
Pile of three Magnitude vape pens and their packaging