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Sweet Grass has mastered the most natural cannabis infusion for the human body: Cannabutter, a THC-infused butter. Humans have been ingesting butter for thousands of years, and when infused with cannabis the plant naturally binds with the fat – in the butter and in our bodies – resulting in a clean, mind and body high that lasts.

Remember to follow the golden rule and start with a low dose and go slow with any cannabutter-infused treat. Our Cannabutter sticks contain 100mg THC each with ten 10mg THC portions for easy dosing.

Where to Find Cannabutter

For years our fans and followers have asked us to sell our Cannabutter for at-home baking. Friends – you’ve been heard, and now we have Cannabutter sticks available for purchase across Colorado.

Holiday Baking Guides

The culinary masterminds behind Sweet Grass bring you some epic holiday recipes that include Cannabutter in our yearly holiday baking guide. So, grab some loved ones, an apron, your appetite, and get to baking. Stay tuned for the 2021 Holiday Baking Guide coming this Fall!

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Sweet Grass Recipe Forum

We’ve also launched the official Sweet Grass Cannabutter Forum (see below) so you can spread the love by posting your favorite recipes and photos with the rest of the Sweet Grass community!


The Sweet Grass Baked Society

The Sweet Grass Baked Society is the behind-the-scenes, members-only branch of Sweet Grass. It’s the fan club that brings the baked community into our kitchen. Once you’re invited to the chef’s table, you’re in the Sweet Grass inner circle and have access to first heads up on new or seasonal products, exclusive swag items, and future events!

  • The first 100 to sign up for the Baked Society will get an exclusive Sweet Grass enamel pin.
  • All Baked Society members will have the chance to win one of of five $50 Gift Cards to Habit Doughnut Dispensary in Denver! Winners will be randomly selected on July 23rd.

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